Aarp Hotels – Senior Discounts


When I first heard about aarp hotels I was a little skeptical about it. Some aarp hotels do have the word “Aarp” in the name. This is where they get their name from. But let me save you some time and tell you straight up what this is not – Aarp Hotel Discounts. If you were to go somewhere that has the word “Aarp” in the name this is not an aarp hotel discount.

The only aarp hotel that I found has the word “Aarp” in the name and it is a rental on an Alaska Air Force base. To me that is called a free cancellation discount because they give you free cancellation. You have to call to ask if you can cancel. Sometimes if you are flying domestic they will let you. Otherwise they will charge you the regular price.

So what is the deal? There are three words in there that actually tell the whole story. They are “Aarp Hotel”, “Aarp motel” and “Rental”. So what this means is if you book a room, you will receive a free cancellation (use words, read them). If you book online, then you will also receive a free cancellation (use words, read them).

One of my favorite aarp hotels near me is just a 20 minute drive from my house. It is on a beautiful lake in the north central part of Alaska. They have four low cost aarp lodging rooms that are available for rental by senior citizens. They also offer special packages that include meals, and other things for those traveling with children.

Why would anyone choose such a place for their Alaska Air Force base hotel? That is an easy question to answer. The hotel is on Lake Creek near the Air Force base. That gives the military people easy access to the rest of Alaskan nature. Many aarp hotels are nearby or even right next to a military base so those who are traveling out of town can easily make it back. That is what I like about using aarp lodges near major highways.

Now, those who are staying at the aarp motel aren’t going to be miles from anywhere but they will be close enough to shopping, dining, etc. to get where they need to go. That is very good news when traveling by RV because we all know how horrible it can be to have to stop every hour to let someone else catch up to us. You can kill a couple of hours in a big city by spending too much time trying to find a cab or finding a hotel room.

If you are reading this article, it means that you are looking for discount prices for your RV. That is awesome. I just bought my fifth aarp and I plan on using most of them for family vacations. I like to plan activities and events around school vacations, baseball games and Christmas. In fact, I already have plans for my seventh vacation this coming summer and the first weekend I am using my aarp is scheduled for me to be in Alaska!

That makes today’s vacation even better because I don’t have to think about a last minute trip out of town to get to a sporting event. It is now just a matter of hours ago when I was planning my itinerary to get to a football game. If you are in the market for a new camper van with senior class seating and lots of extra storage space, make sure you check into aarp motels for your stay in Alaska.