All About Resort Hotels


If you are looking for an affordable way to spend your holiday then Orlando is the perfect place for you. Orlando has a number of top notch Orlando Resort hotels. These hotels are centrally located in Orlando and some are even within walking distance to the theme parks. All of Universal Orlando is beautifully themed and is conveniently placed near the main action at Universal Orlando. Each of the many Universal Orlando theme parks are wonderfully themed, thus each of the hotel s guests can easily breeze into one of the many themed parks within an hour before another guests.

Every night, Orlando has something to offer visitors whether it is a show, parade, nightclub party or water taxi tour. Some hotels such as the Parisian Hotel, Downtown Disney, Sheraton Hotel Downtown and the Westgate Hotel Orlando are right next to theme parks such as Epcot Center, Disney MGM Studios and SeaWorld. These four hotels are located near some of the best shopping malls and restaurants in Orlando. Each of the Orlando resorts have exceptional views for their tourists. The Royal Pacific Hotel is right next to Universal Studio Orlando and the Universal Studio Theme Park. The Royal Pacific Hotel has five-star quality service and excellent room service.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and unique vacation then look no further than an endless summer resort that is located on International Drive. Surfside Inn Hotel is a charming hotel that is near the heart of the city. Surfside Inn Hotel suites are perfect for families and honeymooners. It is just a stones throw away from all of the popular attractions in Orlando.

Another wonderful hotel to consider when looking for a little cheaper lodging is the Surfside Amusement Park Hotel. Surfside Amusement Park Hotel offers affordable hotel guest rates, great food, access to fine restaurants and the famous surfboard and lazy river. Your family will love staying at this charming hotel that has beautiful guestrooms with spacious living areas and they get free hot dogs and coffee with toppings. At night, your Surfside Inn Hotel guests get free admission to Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World.

There are plenty of luxurious Orlando resort hotels such as the Venetian Resort Hotel which is located near the Universal Studio. This hotel has suites with king beds and baths. Every room has its own kitchen so you can feel pampered while you stay at the hotel. They also offer packages to theme parks so you do not need to worry about getting things you need when you leave the resort. You will also enjoy complimentary transportation to and from theme parks.

If you are looking for a cheaper and more affordable vacation, then the Surfside Inn Hotel would be a better choice for you. This hotel offers affordable rates and good rooms. The suites that this hotel offers are great for families or couples who want to create a romantic atmosphere for their vacation. The hotel even has its own outdoor pool and an infinity edge pool that will please your eyes and mind. Another great thing about the Surfside Inn Hotel is that they have free hot meals every morning which you will surely appreciate during your endless summer resort vacation.

If you are looking for a place that provides fun and entertainment, then the Wet n Wild Water Park located at Universal Studios Orlando is a place you should not miss. Here you can get to experience all sorts of rides such as the Nitro Slides, The Fountain of Youth, The Aquarium, The Pirate Ship, The Big Bang Baby, and many more. Also, if you love water sports, then you should go to the Wild Water Park and explore the underwater world of this amazing theme park. Another wonderful attraction of this resort hotel is its twenty minutes walk from Universal Studios. So if you want to spend some time at the park with your family, then the Wet n Wild Water Park is the best resort hotels for you.

If you love shopping, then you should check out the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. This hotel offers various specialty shops which can help you to stay stylish and well-dressed at the same time. It has various restaurants that will give you the best food and entertainment. You can easily find any sort of popular designer clothes in this hotel. Also, if you want some international antiques, you should go for the National Antique Market located inside the hotel which offers exquisite jewelry, handcrafted furniture, and fine arts.