Hotel Rewards Program From Choice Hotels


When choosing where to stay in the world, travelers often make the mistake of selecting a cheap hotel or a bargain room instead of one of the increasingly popular Choice Hotels. Perhaps this is due to our ingrained notion that a bed and breakfast is cheaper than staying at a 5 star facility. And if a bed and breakfast is too expensive, then surely a discount hotel is the answer? The simple fact of the matter is that even discount hotel offer some of the same amenities and good value that better known brands offer. In fact, it may be the best value overall.

First, let’s define what we are talking about here. By ” Extended Stay Inn “. It means a hotel that offers an entire suite instead of just a regular room. At first glance, it is clear that many of the top choice hotels would never fit into a wider variety of high-end hotel packages. However, if you are traveling on a strict budget or simply need a place to have a quick hot shower and some extra hours of rest before you travel on your long distance journey, any of the various inns located near you will more than suffice. Some of them even offer a free breakfast each morning!

If you are traveling with a small group of friends or a single companion, the savings can be multiplied many times when you earn points toward your hotel stays through the various Hotel Rewards programs offered by a variety of bed and breakfasts and inns. There are numerous benefits to earning rewards points with any of the major bed & breakfast franchises, as well as some lesser known brands. In many cases, you can use the points to buy a new automobile or some other valuable item for yourself as well.

Bed & breakfast locations are particularly popular among frequent travelers because they often offer both luxurious accommodations and access to some of the most wonderful amenities in the world. The luxury hotels that dot the landscape of Europe and the United States are examples of these chains. Many travelers who earn rewards points at these locations are impressed by the opulence of the accommodations, the friendly staff and the warm hospitality of the upscale brands they encounter on their journeys.

If you are planning to visit Orlando during the middle of the year, there are several ways to earn rewards points at one of the premier hotels in the city. For example, some of the larger chains such as Fairfield Inn and Comfort Inn offer a special incentive for spending a minimum amount of money at their properties during the month of January. For example, each of these properties has a minimum daily rate of $100 per night. If you spend five nights or more at one of these properties, you will earn a maximum of twenty,000 points per night and you will receive a free night accommodation when you stay at the hotel.

During the month of April, the same incentive is offered to customers staying at any of the participating hotels. Every night you stay at a participating hotel during the month of April, you earn a maximum of ten thousand points toward your future hotel stays. Each of the ten thousand points earned is equal to one night’s accommodation at an eligible Fairfield Inn or Comfort Inn property. The maximum amount of points you can earn is fifty points per night, or fifty dollars. The free night stays are not limited to April only.

The choice hotels credit card and associated program is also currently offering a new vacation discount for customers staying at selected Fairfield and/or Comfort Inn and choosing to book a hotel stay using a visa signature card. Visa cards issued in conjunction with these hotels can be used at any of the participating hotels in the program once you have accumulated a certain amount of points. Once you have reached the required threshold (e.g., fifty thousand points), you will receive an email from the company letting you know your credit card number, your bonus points (a.k.a. credit card rebate), and the link to a sales page for the hotel where you can select the location that best suits your needs.

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