Hotels With Suites Near Times Square – NY’s Broadway Destination


My wife and I have been wanting a Hotel with Suites near me for quite some time now. That is why when I received an email from a travel company, which has suites in New York, with amazing views of Ellis Island, we rushed to take a look at it. We have to admit that the views are pretty impressive and it did make us excited to check it out. Of course, being first hand New Yorkers, we had to weigh the benefits of the Suite Holiday vs. staying in a traditional hotel room. The decision was not a simple one. In this review, you will learn about the upsides and downsides of booking Hotel with Suites near me in New York.

First, there are several great perks that you can get when booking Hotel with Suites in New York instead of a regular hotel or even a condo: You have an easy access to the Ellis Island, a tourist attraction that lets you see the famous statue of liberty. Your suite will give you the perfect view of the Statue and Empire State Building, which is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. And the best part is, your hotel will also arrange for you convenient tour dates and sightseeing opportunities throughout the year, especially during holiday seasons.

Second, your tour is arranged by the hotel’s concierge. What is better than having your own personal tour guide who can take you around the best tourist spots? Yes, even cheap hotels with suites in New York have concierge agents who will help you plan your tour. They will even take care of all your needs such as the booking of flights and arrange for hotel accommodations as well.

Third, Hotel with Suites in New York offers flexible tours. Unlike other hotels, you don’t have to stick to a set tour schedule. You can arrange your own tour by choosing the right time and day. You can also request for private tours with your own guides. If you are traveling on an important business trip or you just want to have some time alone, you can book a grand hotel suite without insurance.

Another advantage is that these hotels near Times Square offer you an accident insurance. Yes, it is not a must for you to purchase accident insurance, but it would be wise for you to do so in case you meet an accident while on your vacation. Accident insurance comes in handy especially if you are traveling on a rented vehicle, bus or subway. Just make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the policy and you are covered with the right amount of money.

Fourth, at the foot of the Empire State Building lies the Hotel Empire, another landmark of NYC. This luxurious hotel has suites near Times Square offering visitors an unforgettable experience. Hotel Empire is part of the provident life insurance company of the city and offers insurance coverage for special events like Broadway shows, musicals and parties. In addition, this company offers a VIP program that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a special stay at a fraction of the normal rate.

Last, but not least, is the Hotel West Palm Fl. The stylish hotel is one of the most sought-after by celebrities, business executives and other VIP visitors. The hotel boasts an ambiance that matches any high-class international city. As you plan your upcoming trip to NYC, you can book a stay in one of its suites. The hotel is also a member of the American Hotel and Professional Association. In order to receive its VIP treatment, you need to purchase annual pass, which can be obtained online at the website of the American Hotel and Professional Association.

All of these star hotels near Times Square will give you more reasons to visit and stay in New York City. Among them, the Victoria Hotel, located in downtown Manhattan, is a perfect place for all travelers to come and relax. Aside from the splendid views of the Empire State Building, the Hotel Victoria has two restaurants, a bar and lounge and a spa. You can also enjoy a jazz jam or catch a Broadway show while relaxing at the spa. The Victoria is close to the theater district and the shopping area. And best of all, the hotel is located next to the ferry that brings you to San Francisco.