Top Pickings in Clarion and Allegiant Hotels


Clarion Hotels, Incorporated is a leading hospitality franchise owned by Choice Hotels International, Inc. The company, which is also among the largest hotel groups in the nation, owns a number of hotel brands ranging from luxury to budget. Among its hotel brands are Hotel Resorts of America, Days Inn & Suites by Hilton, Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites by InterContinental New York, Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn Suites by Comfort Worldwide. A lot of travelers prefer these types of cheap and budget hotels as they provide all modern and comfortable facilities that meet the expectations of guests. Some of them include The Standard Hotel, The Westgate Hotel, Holiday Inn Suites by Hilton, Holiday Inn Express and The Park Hotel Suites by InterContinental New York.

The hotel that is part of Clarion Hotels is known as The Park Hotel and is located in Downtown Disney Florida. This luxurious hotel features all modern amenities and is served by Silver Star Airline. In order to provide maximum comfort to guests, the hotel is equipped with a Choice Hotels in Orlando shuttle service.

A Clarion Hotel is also a part of a vast network of upscale hotel brands that are operated by Clarion Hotel Group, Inc. Some of its hotel brands are Days Inn, The Standard, The Westgate Hotel, Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn and The Park Hotel. These hotels are highly preferred by travelers due to their high quality and reputation. They offer luxurious accommodations along with a wide choice of delicious dining options, making them ideal choices for leisure travellers. Amongst the most popular and chic hotel brands owned by Clarion Hotel Group, Inc., are The Westgate Hotel, Holiday Inn and Comfort Inn.

The extended stay hotel chain offers a complete range of properties across the state of Florida and in some parts of New York. You can find deluxe, luxury, and affordable options suitable for both long term and short term stays. Many of its properties are strategically located near attractive tourist attractions and business centres to ensure easy access to guests. The Clarion Extended Stay hotel chain boasts almost 20 branches across the United States of America and Canada. Some of its branches are located in Tampa Bay area, Orlando, Tampa, Miami Beach and Jacksonville.

One of the newest brands of Clarion Hotels, The Westgate Hotel, is a member of The Park Hyatt International group of hotels and is located in the heart of Downtown Disney Florida. This hotel is a member of The Park’s premier franchisees who run many of Disney’s premium resorts. Each property of this prestigious chain is designed around a specific theme and is facilitated with outstanding customer service. It also offers a fantastic choice of meeting facilities and a manor care that is second to none. The Westgate Hotel is serviced by Silver Star Airline, one of America’s premier luxury airlines. All rooms have access to an indoor swimming pool and are equipped with top quality linens and soft furnishings.

The luxurious Manor Inn is conveniently located just a few steps from its mainstay suites. Amenities include a fitness club, high speed internet access and premium gourmet dining. A preferred choice for many corporate events and wedding receptions, the spacious Manor Inn boasts three restaurants with an array of international cuisine to please any palate. Manor’s relaxing and luxurious atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for important meetings or family getaways.

For those who prefer a more casual dining experience, The Cambria Hotel collection is the right choice. Set in the charming hills of North Carolina, this luxurious hotel is conveniently located on the famous Blue Ridge Parkway. Enjoy the outdoor patio and spa, secluded in its own private five acre garden that is perfect for weddings and events.

For those looking for a less formal dining experience, the Wheaton hotel in Wheaton, Maryland is the perfect choice. This centrally located, family-oriented bed and breakfast offers many daytime activities as well as delicious fine food. It has five themed guestrooms, each featuring their own unique theme such as the Fairmount Park edition that features whimsical decorations and a jogging track. The West Lake room offers exquisite views of Lake Michigan, while the Cedar Point edition provides relaxing amenities and a spectacular view of the amusement park. These Clarion hotels offer quality inn accommodations with many additional conveniences including wireless Internet, heated outdoor pools, fireplaces, and deluxe guestrooms with oversized beds and walk-in closets.